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To light the way when you and your family need it most.


In everything we do, we believe in making life easier and better. We make innovative power solutions that solve real-world problems in simple, clever ways for homeowners and businesses alike.


  • Safety
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Human-centric design


Some say the best ideas come to you when you are least expecting it, and that couldn’t be truer for one of the founders of OWL. While taking a shower on a typical Tuesday evening, the power to his home went out leaving him stranded, exposed, in the dark.

As he was feeling his way around the bathroom for a towel and then his clothing, the idea for an automatic emergency light source for the home came to him.

As soon as the power came back on, he started to research simple, inexpensive back-up power solutions for the home and was surprised to find very little outside of your battery powered flashlights. Sure, there were lots of nightlights on the market that came on automatically when power was available, but none that would continue working in a power outage or emergency situation.

And thus, briteOWL® was born.

What's Next?

The next generation of lighting technology is on it’s way to your home.

The OWL team is hard at work developing their next products and look forward to any feedback you may have on briteOWL® so that they can further improve their products. Please drop us a note and tell us what you’d like to see next from OWL.

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