3 Pack Duplex White – briteOWL® Light-Up Outlet Cover


  • ~ 9% savings over buying individually
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Easy to install and fits all standard sockets
  • The only product that lights the way even when the electricity goes out
  • 90+ minutes* of back-up light when electricity is lost
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2 three packs to roughly $20 a unit 2 - 100 7.5 %

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Replace any standard outlet cover with this white, duplex-style briteOWL® for a nightlight and back-up light combination.

  • Rechargeable battery that’s built-in for use when the power goes out
  • Easy to install and fits all standard sockets
  • Automated nightlight that turns on when it senses darkness

The cleanliness of this white, duplex-style outlet cover makes it great for any room of your home or business. Add a sense of comfort for kids and adults alike with the back-up light that has a rechargeable battery for when there’s no electricity. The built-in LED light is proven to be safer than normal light bulb night lights. The sensor automatically turns on the light when it gets dark, and off when it’s light to save electricity.  Shop your briteOWL® light-up cover now!

  • Free Shipping
  • Decora-Style
  • Built-in battery
  • 50 Lumens
  • 90 plus minutes of light without electricity
  • 9% off a purchase of 3 or more briteOWLs®

**briteOWL® does not work on GFCI plugs. GFCI plugs will be coming soon.

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